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Hair Extensions

Extensions allow us to give you almost any style or look you desire.  We offer several options to create length, volume or both.  In lengths ranging from 10 to 24 inches, textures ranging from silky straight to various wavy options, including Deep Curly Pure Virgin Hair. 

DreamCatchers:  More than just hair! 100% Natural European Hair comes in 20 to 24 inch lengths.  Reusable for 1 to 2 years with recommended home care and maintenance appointments (every 6-8 weeks).  We use a cold cylinder or small tape in weft that is very gentle on your hair.  Volume Only starts at $275.00, Length and Volume starts at $950.00.  Amazing results in a very short time! 

HotHeads Tape in Extensions: The innovators of the Tape in extension method. This ground breaking extension system uses 100% Remy human hair along with a medical grade adhesive to add fullness, length and color in under one hour. No heat or damaging tools are used during application and remover does not leave a sticky residue on the natural hair. Clients will get 8-10 weeks of wear from each application and can be reapplied up to 3 additional times. HotHeads Ultimates are a patent pending design which virtually disappear into the hair. Available in 12 to 24” and natural, premium and fantasy colors. Prices run the same as Dream Catchers except refusion maintenance appointments run a little more.

We also have certified stylists using Cinderella, PerfecTress and Babe Extensions.

A personalized consultation will determine the best option for you.  Both systems use unique attachment systems, whether cylinder or tape wefts, that is gentle on the hair.      

Call the salon at 541-779-3977 and ask for an Extension Specialist or schedule a
consultation appointment using our Schedulicity button.


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Hair loss can be a result of several factors: Hormone Imbalance, Thyroid, Perimenopause, Nutritional Imbalance, Chemotherapy, Stress, Female pattern hair loss, Male pattern hair loss, Prescribed medications, Postpartum hair loss. We now specialize in an array of Hair Loss options from topical products that stimulate hair growth to life changing solutions for clients with more severe hair loss. If you or someone you know suffers from "female pattern baldness" (1 in 4 women), alopecia, trichotillomania, chemotherapy or any of the factors listed above, , there are options available to achieve beautiful, full, natural looking hair without resorting to wigs, glue or transplants.


ANUVA COSMECEUTIC HAIRCARE: An anti-aging haircare line specifically for thinning, brittle or dry hair. Anuva treats the causes with results you can see and feel. Anuva shampoo, conditioner and complexes are fast working, topical treatments to stop hair loss and restart hair growth. Anuva. a new day, a new head of hair.

GROH: Regrow thicker, longer hair, Lusher Lashes and Fuller Brows!It’s possible...with our incredible breakthrough formula, using ErgoD2 (r) - the power of mushrooms. Awakens dormant hair follicles and addresses both internal and external hair growth processes. GROH is effective for both men and woman, uses FDA approved ingredients to get your hair back. So if you suffer from embarrassing thinning or receding hair lines, barely visible brows sparse lashes or brittle nails, GROH is the answer. Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in-Styling Treatment, Daily Vitality Boost and Stimulating Scalp Serum.

Kevin Murphy: Strengthen and Densify fine, thin hair with a fusion of Ginger Root, Nettle Extracts and Advanced Eyelash Thickening Technology. Shampoo, Conditioner, Plumping Conditioning Treatment, Leave in Treatment and Thickening Lotion.


CROWN N` GLORY:  A easy to attach clip-in piece that has multiple uses.  It is amazing for coverage (especially for those clients with thinning or very fine hair, or between colorings to cover outgrowth),  but they are also great for creating bangs.  $85.00  (special color or highlights extra)

HAIR INTEGRATING PIECES:  Although a woman's first choice is to have her own hair back or hair extensions which are seen as "glamorous", those with extensive thinning, particularly on top, aren't able to use these methods to achieve a natural look.  Unlike a big heavy wig, a very sleek, small integration piece is used, secured to your hair with tiny hidden rings allowing you to shower and swim.  No shaving or glue is involved.  Clients come in for a tightening appointment every 6 to 8 weeks.  Using high quality 100% human hair in a wide variety of colors, clients leave feeling confident and natural.  ($350. up)             

Call Ali @ 541-779-3977 for a private consultation to discuss your individual needs.           

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